Brittle Bots

If you wound up here, chances are you have a bit of intelligence. That's good.
Brittle Bots is a game about intelligence. Artificial Intelligence.
But, it takes real intelligence to play. See for yourself.

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Brittle bots is not like most other games. The object is to explore and experiment with AI. Use evolution to craft robots able to complete missions. Sit back and watch them change and compete. Develop your understanding of AI and evolution. Oh, and save the world from tyrannical robot overlords.

  • DRM & GMO Free!
  • Small Instant Download!
  • 100% Clean!
  • Robots!
  • Tested on Win XP, 7 & 8!
  • Tested on Linux Wine!
  • Pet Friendly!
  • Evolution!
  • Part of a complete breakfast!
  • Hand Drawn Graphics!
  • Can't get this in store!
  • Real Artificial Intelligence!
  • Unique Gameplay!
  • 8 billion space credits!
  • Just $7.99 USD!
  • Fight for Humanity!
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  • 100% money back guarantee!
  • Support Small Developers!
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